About Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI)

Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) has more than 50 years of experience in designing and delivering a number of management development programs that aim at enhancing the managerial capacity of public, private and NGO sectors.

Since its establishment, we have been the forefront in the endeavor to introduce modern management administrative systems to our country. We have been providing training, consultancy and research services in the field of management and related areas.

We offer several training programs annually on a number of relevant topics in our facilities at the head office in Addis Ababa which is located between Gurd Sholla and Ethiopian Civil Service University and at Debrezeit Management Training Center (DMTC), which is mainly used as a residential training center. We also offer tailor-made trainings at clients’ premises on requests bases.

As a result of changing environment worldwide, the ongoing Public Service Capacity Building Program in the country and our responsibility as one of the resource bases for capacity building of public, private and NGOs, we have transformed ourselves in order to play an active role in building capacities of other organizations.

In view of addressing the National Capacity Building Programs and act as strong change agent so as to bring a paradigm shift in its service delivery, we have updated our training programs catalogue for the year 20014/15.

Realizing contributions of other organizations for the enhancement of contemporary management in the country, we have also availed our standardized training facilities, both at DMTC and the head office, for customers to organize and conduct their own trainings, workshops, conferences or seminars.