Why Work For Us?

EthioChicken is a leading distributor of chickens to rural farmers in Ethiopia. We are a rapidly growing company that believes in investing in our employees and offers them opportunities for career advancement. This manual seeks to provide guidance and clarity on key personnel-related policies and procedures of the Company.
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Jobs at EthioChicken

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The Company

EthioChicken is considered as one of the leading poultry producing companies in East Africa in which the operative companies are AGP Poultry PLC (AGP), Mekelle Farms Ltd (MFL) and Andasa Poultry PLC. These are sister companies and jointly operate under the brand umbrella of EthioChicken. The parent company, Agflow Poultry Limited holds 100% ownership of AGP Poultry and Andasa Poultry with 73.5% ownership of Mekelle Farms (MKF). The group focuses on producing and selling improved breeds of chickens to smallholder farmers in rural Ethiopia. Currently, the group manages eight poultry breeder farms and two feed mill production plants in four regions of Ethiopia and is expected to increase this number significantly in the future.



To bring healthy and affordable eggs and meat to every Ethiopian family, and in doing so improve nutrition, enhance rural farmer livelihoods, and create income opportunities for our customers and partners.

To bring a chicken to every family in Ethiopia in 2021, and a chicken to every person in Ethiopia in the future, transforming the Ethiopian poultry industry, making it a model of inclusive growth.


  • We put the customer at the center of our decisions and actions.
  • We do what we say we are going to do and keep our commitments to each other
  • We put the customer at the center of our decisions and actions
  • We strive to be the best in the world in everything we do
  • We are driven by a deep sense of purpose
  • We debate openly and allow the best ideas to win

Location: Mekelle Ethiopia

All current job openings at EthioChicken have expired.
New & exciting job opportunities are coming soon!