New Year, new beginnings! For some of us, the new beginnings are marked in September with the Ethiopian Enkutatash, while for others, January brings about new-year and new resolutions. It is almost like a custom nowadays, that very many people plan on changing jobs and/or make it their conviction to get promoted, when they especially eye a position that fits their profile in their organization. It is obvious that your resume plays a critically relevant role in landing your dream job. The more we talked about it, we couldn’t help but notice how those few pages determine the way we appear in the eyes of the reader.

Although there is no one way of developing or revising your resume, due attention needs to be given to small and big details, as that represents the face we want to show to those looking to hire. Hence, your resume needs to be relevant to the position you will be applying to. To make sure you resume stands out against the crowd, read our pointers below:

  1. Keep it up- to-date

When was the last time you paid a visit to your resume? Consider it as if it is a relationship with friends or family – out of sight, out of mind so they say! The more you neglect your resume, the more it will grow and sound far away from you. Keeping it close may be an understatement, have it near, and keep it dear. Have several versions of it since you’ll likely be applying to different companies and no job posting is the same as the last. Don’t ever think that an organization will hire you just to help you – they want to help themselves by using your skills and experience. Your resume is exactly the venue to show them that.

  1. Self-assessment and skills/qualification audit

Sometime ago, my contract with an organization came to an end. The logical extension of contract expiry is getting ready to start afresh and assessing the job market. Before that, I wanted to equip myself with the best possible resume to sell myself well. As I took a look at it, it was nothing but a compilation of job-description details. That was an awakening moment for me to sit back and deal with the deficiency of my resume and give it a face lift. This exercise didn’t come that easily – I had to sit and jot down all the skills I accumulated over the years. Since I was a stranger to the concept of revamping a resume, mine sounded as if the time stopped at some point, and my life stagnated – which was not true. I learned a lot, was exposed to so much and acquired new skills. All that needed to be capitalized – yes I’m an ardent public speaker, and type much more words than I used to. These skills needed to be audited and inserted somewhere. It’s time for you to do the same, if you and your resume are showing some skill, pause! Identify the gapsOnce you do the above, this point comes in handy. After you audit your assets, you would know what is missing. Identifying the gaps will then help you plan ahead, either to take on-job trainings, read on some topics or even take classes.

  1. Research

Whenever we feel like we deserve a raise, promotion or career change, it is given that we need to mobilize all what we are to that same end. Interviews are there to support us talk about ourselves, but resumes are the starting points in making us look good. Just like drinking water is vital to our survival, being prepped for an interview can be for your career. Feeding your resume with the details of the kind of job you want to do, the employment type, the job and what it entails are imperative. This could be done through reading the Job Description, having talks with other people with similar positions among others. While conducting your research, make sure to on the study the company you’re sending your resume to. Assess the kind of calibre, skills and even resume types that are acceptable by the organization. The impact of doing your due diligence is immeasurable.

  1. Compartmentalize your resume

Focusing on the major components such as Skills Summary, Experience and Education in order to enrich each and every one of them, using the information you get from the skills audit and research you did.

  1. Appearance matters

Use a uniform font, colour and style throughout your resume. Spell and grammar check are also major components that need focus. Once you write your resume, it always helps to have someone else go through it for you. This input not only helps you improve it, but also, especially if these are people who know you well, they can remind you of skills you may have forgotten.

  1. Avoid repeating yourself

Resumes are better received when they are precise and to the point. It also helps to use more action oriented statements and words.


Finally, remember that your resume is a work in progress. We understand that Ethiojobs’ blog readers come from all walks of professions and ladders of responsibility, but keep in mind that no one size fits all and it is important to have several versions of your resume. Please let us know your thoughts.


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