Does the idea of searching for a good job make you feel uneasy or even more stressed?  I know! It’s not an easy task in today’s world and competition is very stiff. But what better way to commence the New Year other than getting in charge of your job search with new, easy and enjoyable job search techniques!  One of the keys to a successful job search is to set goals to excel in the methods, tools and strategies one uses to out stand the competition. So, get your gear ready and follow the following easy but most effective job search tips for this year.

  1. Narrow your search and know exactly what you want – Start searching for jobs that seriously fit your qualification. Make sure to list down your specific skills and qualifications by asking yourself; what kind of job am I really after? And what skills can I offer an employer? If you’re unsure of the answer, make a list of the skills you stand out at. Use these skills as search requisites in your job search.
  2. Re-assess your skills – If you believe that you’ve looked at every job posting and still can’t find one – then it’s time to get some new skills. Either enroll in training to upgrade your status or continue your education to further your experience. Remember it’s never too late.
  3. Be up to date – You should always be up to date, even if you’re out of work. Read publications, business news, comment on blogs and stay on top of any emerging technologies or policies that may affect your career path. This will also give you new ideas about where and how to look for a job.
  4. Set targets – Your overall goal may be to get a decent career, and setting specific job search goals for the year will help you grow and force you to continuously evaluate your progress and improve your networking skills. Hold yourself accountable for achieving these goals and it definitely will increase your confidence and motivate you to continue searching.
  5. Out-stand your competition – If you come across a job that seems perfect for you, make something that will cunningly help you stand out from the crowd. When you find a job posting you want to apply to, find out what exactly the hiring bodies are looking for. Be smart and creative to win and out stand your resume as well as your interview.
  6. Sell yourself – In times like these when you land an interview, go prepared with a few examples that demonstrate your best selling qualities. That way, when an interviewer asks, “Why should I hire you,” you can be confident enough to talk about that. And make sure to leave the interviewer with the phone numbers of references who will back you up with shimmering recommendations.

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  1. I am from Ethiopia. I am currently working as Admin and finance officer at Awassa field office save the children international so I want to share with you in creating another job opportunity in NGOS organaizations. Thank you.

  2. Is the new website running safely..while I registered it immediately displayed my PW in login details.

  3. I gain adequate knowledge about the interview not only that also the things I should remember how to retrieve the skills what I have!
    Thank you!

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