Job descriptions (JD) have one simple purpose. Attracting your ideal candidates. After all is said and done it is what matters. If your job descriptions aren’t supporting you in this deceptively simple mission, then maybe you might find these tips useful.

  • Relieve the burden

In trying to get every point across, people often cram too much in the job description. When the average job seeker reads 14 seconds and move on to the next advertisement, it is very important to make the content of the job description to be skimmable.  Not reducing information but keeping the written words to the necessities without sacrificing quality.

  • Speak to Your audience

When writing your job descriptions keep in mind that the internet is a vast place. Your content should speak to your audience. It is not about just describing a job but writing it in a language your ideal candidate will get immediately. For instance, should you create a JD for a social media manager, your content should go beyond expressing the technicalities of the job. Explaining it in key terms that might attract social media savy people might go a long way. Moreover, adding optimizing your content your content for search engines will also reduce your efforts.

  • Your Identity

Sometimes stating your company’s history isn’t enough. In fact, the only identity you should promote in the job seeker is your work environment. This also goes further into speaking to your audience. It is about creating content that fully promotes your workplace philosophy (do you believe in work-life balance, how strict is your dress code?…).


The right job description is the difference between screaming your lungs out and using a megaphone that cuts through the noise.

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