Finding employment can be a hard process. So much so, that one can get lost in the job search and lose focus. Most of the time, conducting a job search like this is a sure fire way to get a position your ill suited for. When a company isn’t the right fit for your skills, goals and career it is pointless to pursue the opportunity. In the end, it’s a lose-lose for everyone involved.  This is why it is important to know what kind of company suits you best.  Below are a few tips to better your job search and help you find that special company that fits you best.


1)  Make sure you fully understand the Job description

The job description is often times your first look of a company. It’s what companies publish to grab your attention.  This is where they make the available position as attractive as they can to grab the best possible talent. Hence, next time you are going through a job description keep a close eye. Some companies will only list things they want from you. However, the right fit will take time to share unique aspects of the position and the company culture.  This sort of company values their employees.

2) Communication 

The way companies communicate with you is extremely telling of your experience you might have with them should you be hired. Do they make you wait? or do they respond promptly? How do they convey information, friendly laid-back or professional but respectful? Do they send personalized emails or are the emails automated? and most importantly how does the exchange make you feel?   Take note because should a company handle this in a misstep then you are most likely better off without the offer.

3) The interview process

The interview room is quite revealing of how your professional relationship would be like.  Walking into the interview room you will have the chance to screen what you will expect from the workplace other than payment. Did they prepare for questions? Do they know what they are looking for?   Do you know who you’ll be meeting with in advance or does your contact at the company keep all that info secret? Does each interview have a clear purpose and focus, or do you get asked the same questions over and over? If most answers lean on the negatives then it is a red flag. Basically you wouldn’t want to work at a workplace where you don’t have a full understanding of what you want, right?

Source: Ethiojobs


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