It is, after all, the 21st century and communication is one of the most mandatory activities required to blend in or even to survive in this world. Most of us are barely meeting up personally these days unless it’s to chill out with friends. Even friends’ farewell can be checked through Facebook or Twitter without having to seek them out. Especially businesses are conducted through the various mediums of communication the modern technology has afforded us.

So this draws out the question. Are you accessible through all the various technologies available while you are complaining about the fact that you are not able to find a any job or the right one? Do you have an email address? And by this I don’t mean the one you created some five or three years ago and never bothered to go back to again. Do you look at online job boards? Not only the local ones but also ones in other countries. Do you use social media venues like Facebook for your advantage and search jobs through it? Do you know a large number of international companies accept job applications through Facebook?

Are you on LinkedIn, which is the largest professional network in the world? Not only will you get to meet influential people in many areas of occupation but you will also get the chance to get updates about the companies you are interested in. Are you subscribed to get updates from the companies you are hoping to get hired in? Did you even go online and search as to what kind of a company it is that you want to work in?

All these are referred to point out to you if you are actually in the front line of the job seeking population. When you say you couldn’t find a job, are you sure you are at a place where the job can find you? Are you doing your required part of putting yourself out there so that it will be easier on the employers to find you? Imagine how many opportunities you have missed out on just because you are not where the job requires you to be, or just where the job is? Of course, this doesn’t mean physically but in ways that are easily available to you.

It’s not just about the fact that you are close to where the jobs are but your knowledge of such recent technological advancement are most of the time a standard by which you are going to measured with as a potential employee. It shows your willingness to open yourself to new ways of doing your job or even improving yourself.

So this is a red light for you. Stop and think for a second, what are the ways through which an employer can find you? Where are you? The most surprising fact is that it is only time that integrating you with technology costs. And what is 15 minutes compared to losing the opportunity of a life time. So sit down, find internet access, and familiarize yourself with the different sources that are available to let you have you utmost desire. Go and put yourself out there. Be everywhere you are supposed to be. And then maybe your ideal job will find you on its own.

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