So you’ve got this one job that you really liked. You know that job that gave you everything from growth and responsibilities that you love filling. However, the position only lasted for just three months and it was not a contractual position. Right now you’re questioning whether you should put that job on your CV or not.  While there is no hard and fast rule about how long a job needs to last in order to include it on your resume, career experts say there is usually a way to explain those short stints — without putting off potential employers — if you feel the job was important.



You might sometimes harm your chances at the job you’re looking for if you don’t explain your short time at you previous place of work. It is all about story telling here, present it right and the situation can work for your advantage. Don’t leave anything to chance, your CV is basically a muted version of your professional history. You won’t be there to fill in the gaps, make sure that those gaps are addressed properly. In those bullet point explain what you did there in detail.


Specificity is not over rated

The more detail you give to the person that is screening your CV will get a better picture of what you can do and how you performance was in your past jobs. This also means that you need to tell the details of why you left your previous job in short but not over long details. For instance, if you left because of a sudden corporate restructure say “ Exited position due to a large corporate shift” Try and answer potential dangerous questions that might arise in your hiring managers mind.


Job Hopping isn’t always a negative

Employers know that people don’t stay too long on a position that they aren’t interested in or that big changes happen. The fact that you have short stints in your CV shouldn’t always worry you. What you did during your tenure is what’s more important. At the end of the day, companies tend to rewards result and effort and not just loyalty.

In conclusion, you should always try to pick the job that is best suited for you and avoid your CV worries. Do your research thoroughly before you decide on a job, see if it’s worth your time and you are worth to your employer.

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