Today, attended the first ever Branding conference to gain new insights and network with professionals in the country. During the conference, Dr. Sean Mcoy, defined a brand as a promise, a promise that must be delivered.

In context to the job market and it’s evolving nature, this remains very true, despite the changes. Something that always has to happen in a job interview, from both side, is a promise.  The job seeker promises that he/she is qualified and the employer promises the benefits and salary. However, how do you make sure that job seekers/employers listen to your promise and trust it.

The key word here is authenticity. In order for people to trust in your promise, you have to tell your own stories authentically and the only way you can. Whether you’re a marketer or an engineer, if you don’t put yourself out there and speak authentically, no one is going to notice you.

Developing this authentic voice starts with capitalizing on your strengths and really understanding yourself and what you need out of a career/employee. That’s the key in delivering and instilling trust on your promise.

At the end of the day, there is a value in being you in the only way that you can.



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