In this modern day and age, employers tend to update how they seek candidates. A CV, a good haircut and a great interview delivery might no longer be enough, your Facebook and Twitter accounts might compromise your selection promises. It is scary isn’t it?

In the past, employers didn’t have much access to your private information for background checks to get extra information about who exactly they are hiring.  In the modern world however, employers can be watching your facebook wall, your twitter feed at anytime from anywhere.  This is not really news but in the western world it has become a defacto source of screening potential candidates. Employers look for red-flags such as badmouthing previous companies, prior co-workers among others. Some even look at a potential employees post frequency and content to assess their communication skills. However, you can use your social profiles to your advantage.

Clean up your profile: 

Social media is a part of your personal brand. Treat it that way, make sure your profile reflects a part of your professional skills, your career interests, use keywords when posting on your wall/twitter feed to make your profile searchable. In addition, your profile is also your chance to show off your skills. Think of your facebook profile as an easily accessible online portfolio.  Try to use non-traditional methods of showing off your creativity and other skills.

Meaningful Online Friends: While it’s great to have many friends and followers on your accounts, be proactive and seek out professionals in your fields and add people that are in the same industry as you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice — many professionals, as busy as they are, will be happy to help. Establish connections with individuals who work at the company you’re applying to and reach out to them for tips on where to start.

Follow your dream company’s social media accounts: This is a no brainer,  following your potential employer’s social media accounts will help you in your research about the company and determine if it’s a good fit you in addition to other benifits. Oftentimes, brands tend to be more authentic and engaging on social media than other channels, so this is a chance to have a small peek inside your favorite company.

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