Have you tried going to your ideal employer and asking them for advice? If you’re looking for a way in try asking for an informational interview. Here, essentially, it’s a reverse interview where you will ask your ideal employer what’s happening in their industry in terms of employment and the requirements to get the best positions. In this instance, you don’t ask if they have openings in their office but you ask what’s up in the industry you are interested to have a career in.

Yes, employers might be busy and might not have the time to meet with you in person. However, you should always try to reach out to your ideal employer. Especially, if you work in a highly competitive sector like IT and management. The fruits of this meeting might not be obvious now but in the future you don’t where opportunities might lead.
Visiting employers for informational interviews might help you know exactly what the industry you’re interested in is looking for in terms of talent and see where your values and talent will be used to the fullest.  So how do you schedule a visit? Don’t just drop by announced and expect the person to be happy about your visit. Let them know you’re coming.

Sometimes it’s as easy as an internet search but other times you might need to be more strategic. That’s where LinkedIn and social media comes in. If you don’t have an account create one and make sure that it thoroughly expresses and supports your career goals.  Look in all social media platform to find the major players in the field you are interested in. After that, email the key person.  Never inbox! Especially on facebook.

When doing so, make sure to be considerate of their time,  make to be polite and most importantly be clear. Your email might look something like:

Dear mr/mrs/Ms,

My name is xxxx and I work in xxxx field  and I was interested in throwing in my hat  in the _____ industry. I’d really appreciate it if you could spare sometime and talk to me about ______. Since I’m looking for a way in, this information might help me land a job at a reputable firm. As I have seen on LinkedIn, you are an expert in this field and would love it if you could give me your insight on the issue. I’ll actually be in your area in the coming weeks and would be happy to meet you wherever is convenient for you. I understand that your busy schedule might not allow for a lengthy meeting but even 20 minutes would be appreciated.


 Note that you might not get an immediate reply, this doesn’t mean that you will not get a reply but that people are just that busy. So wait at least a five days before sending a follow-up email.


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