The Ministry of Mines (MoM) is facilitating the visa process for a drilling crew that includes around 20 experts mainly from Poland for the drilling process that Tullow Ethiopia B.V. is set to undertake in January 2013.

The drilling is to take place in South Omo Valley located in Southern Regional State, where the company has a concession right.

“It is still a tentative program,” Sinkinesh Ejigu, minister for MoM told Fortune. If the process takes time, the program might be changed.

Tullow, which will conduct its first drilling activity in Ethiopia, has subcontracted a Poland based drilling company to undertake the work.

Currently Tullow is undertaking a customs clearance for the drilling machineries that have already arrived at Djibouti Port two weeks ago, sources disclosed.

“We are trying to facilitate the process for the machineries to arrive at the company’s concession,” Sinkinesh said.

The drilling activity is not only the first for Tullow but also for the South Omo Block that the company acquired 50pc concession right of, on the area from the Canadian Africa Oil. It has later increase its concession up to 65pc.

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