Let’s start this with a little crash study of IT terminologies, maybe we will call this, “New Terminologies 101” and our focus is the term Keywords.

Keywords are words or phrases that describe content and consequently make finding files much easier. With this in mind, when you register your profile with Ethiojobs your CV ends up in a database for storage. Over the years the database has tremendously grown. Therefore, for your CV to be easily found there are key words that must be there. Rather your CV needs to be easy-to-find when someone types in their search criteria.

Below are some Keywords that Ethiojobs’ employers are using while searching. Based on this list, you can modify your CV to contain these keywords for future “findability” by Ethiopian employers.

The first category of information is what we call About You

  1. Your Professional Name:

Most people are not aware that names are important keywords. However, these days with search engines and vibrant social media, your name is probably the most important keyword phrase. In this regard, you need to be consistent in using a relatively unique version of your name in places like LinkedIn, on resumes, emails and other professional sites so that employers doing research on you can easily relate you with your professional visibility. This also means that you need to use a presentable name, that be-speaks of some professionalism.

A thumb rule: Your name is how people find you online. Use one version consistently, like actors and actresses have done for decades. One version of your name used for all of your professional activities online and offline will enable employers, recruiters, and people in your network to find you.

  1. Region/ Location

For your location, it is important to put your region and cities nearest to you, for instance, Hawaasa, Oromia Region, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, etc.

  1. Languages

Most Ethiopians speak more than one language. Make it clear which languages you speak, and also indicate the level of proficiency. That is, are you a native, basic/elementary speaker? You should also indicate whether you can read, write, or speak the language: that is your level of proficiency.

  1. College Degrees

Include your college and post-graduate degrees and which institutions you attended. In the same breathe; include your major(s) depending on the relevance of the job market.

  1. For New Grads Only! Your GPA

Include your GPA when you are looking for your first job after college. It will be weightier if your GPA is above average.

The second category of information is your Professional Goals:

  1. Target Job Title

This refers to the title for the job that you want next; preferably the version(s) used by your target employers is a very important set of keywords. In cases where you are not exactly sure of the job title you can use slashes for example; Systems Supervisor/ Programmer or Administrative Assistant/ Executive Assistant.

  1. Your target Industry

It is good to specify your industry and in this case, the current target. You can countercheck the categories in our website. Categories such as Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Travel and Tourism jobs, and so on.


The third category of information is your Work History:

  1. Your Current and Previous Job Titles

Your current and former job titles are also important keywords. In this context you can focus on the standard job titles that are used by target employers. For instance titles like Social Market Manager and such forth.

  1. Current Employer

Unless you are in a confidential job search, include your current employer if you are employed.

  1. Former Employers

Include the name of your former employers in cases where they were particularly well known and well-respected companies in your industry or field.

  1. Volunteering

Some aspect that can also propel your career in the Ethiopian market is if you ever did volunteer work. If you volunteer anywhere, include what you do and who you do it for, and in this case it can help fill in an employment gap or be part of your career track.

Armed with these keywords that Ethiopian employers are searching for you can customize your resume to make it easier for the employers to find you. As your true career partner, Ethiojobs makes it easier for you to be discovered especially if you take your time to fill in all the details that are important during the initial registration process. It is also easier to get noticed with integration with various social media.

In part II we will focus on other keywords to use in order to be easily discovered by employers. Stay tuned.


Source : Ethiojobs

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