In part one on how to impress the interviewer we looked at preparing for an interview and making most of the initial introduction. Today, we look at the other two parts that will help you impress the interviewer and consequently land you that dream job.


Part Three: Engaging with the Interviewer.

  1. Bring extra copies of your CV.

Do not be deceived, the power of the paper CV still exists in this increasingly digital world. Even if the interviewer does not need an extra copy, they will be impressed that you took the initiative to print one out beforehand. This reflects initiative and organizational skills, highly valued traits in job candidates.

  1. Find ways to be memorable.

A fact is that you are competing with a multitude of other applicants for a single job. Finding ways to stand out could translate to success in landing you the position. Think of creative ways of answering general questions like “How are you today?” Instead of the common, “I’m fine” or “I’m good,” try using memorable adjectives like, “Grand” “Perfect” or “Doing fantastic.”

Take and extra step and leave a work sample behind. That way, the interviewer will have a physical reminder of your presence even after you leave.

  1. Avoid certain subjects.

Knowing interview etiquette is vital in impressing your interviewer, and you should know what subjects are off-limits during an initial evaluation.

Never bad-mouth past employees. Whether it’s your prospective employer’s competition or a previous employer, only say positive nice things about others. Interviewers might be wary to trust you if you come off as bitter or a gossip.

Do not discuss salary or ask about benefits during the initial interview. While important, these questions should wait. You want to look interested in the position because of a genuine interest in the company rather than monetary gain. Hold off on such questions until you’ve been hired or moved to another round of interviews, or if the interviewers bring the topic themselves.


Part Four: Ending the Interview.

  1. Ask the right questions.

Chances are it is highly likely you will be asked if you have any questions towards the end of the interview. Many candidates simply say “No” or ask something inappropriate. This is normally a great opportunity to convey genuine concern in the company.


Some questions that you can ask:

  • Ask about the company’s values and how your work can help further those values. Also, ask about the company’s culture. Ask your interviewer what aspects of that culture they find most valuable as an employee.
  • Ask the interviewer if they have any concerns about hiring you. This shows you’re willing to adapt to changes and are genuinely invested in self-improvement.
  • Ask what an average day of work looks like. This shows that you want to be prepared in the event you get the job.
  • Ask about what opportunities the company provides for collaboration, growth, and education. This shows you’re interested in growing as a person and a professional during your employment.

You can read more on questions to ask during an interview here.


  1. Leaving the interview room.

Leave the interview room smoothly. How you leave the interview room is as important as your arrival; make you exit with grace and class. Collect your belongings calmly. Try not to stumble or drop anything. Shake hands again, following proper protocol. If you can’t conveniently shake hands with everyone present, make sure you at least shake hands with the hiring manager.

Nod your head as you leave and take the quickest and most convenient route out the door.

  1. Follow up.

In order to convey continued interest, follow up in the days following the interview. Send thank you notes, thanking them for the opportunity to interview at their company and mention any specifics you remember about the experience.  Emails are often used as a form of follow up, and while this can suffice, a handwritten physical note will highly set you apart from the rest of the candidates. This will show greater interest and effort from your side.


In conclusion remember, apart from impressing the interviewer, success in any interview is, and will always be a combination of proper preparation, self-confidence, common courtesy and creativity in how you maneuver through the interview room.

Best of luck!



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