Tips for the Job Seeker that Tried Everything

Sometimes it isn’t enough to go by the book and work hard to secure employment. The current job market is evolving and requires job seekers (seasoned or fresh graduates) to be creative in their job search strategies. Sometimes giving a great interview with a great CV doesn’t just cut it. In this situation the following tips might come in handy.

  • Vulnerability is a rare quality:

You have been told to sell yourself as a top notch professional that’s ready to take on any challenge.  However, companies see applicants like these almost on a daily basis and sometimes selling yourself like that doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd. Instead, try a more human approach by first showing interest in the company even if there aren’t any vacancy notices. Reach out to them for advice, ask a person working there how you could start a professional journey with them.

  • Sometimes Passion is overrated

Occasionally, the worst thing someone can say to you in a tough job market is “follow your passion”. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t follow your passion but do so if your skills match your passion. People that love what they do often discover their passion by trying different things and develop it on the job rather than following a pre-existing passion. Try different streams before deciding what your passion is.

  • Don’t just apply for a job

Have you ever applied for a job and never heard back from the potential employer? If yes, then instead of just applying for the position research the company and find out what it is they are looking for. Try and reach out to someone on the inside and ask for advice, find out what challenges they are facing as well as show admiration for their organization. This will help you stand out and not get lost in the sea of CVs they probably are receiving.

  • Don’t just think for now

It is important not to be lost in the fantasy of good job. Most jobs don’t have a glamorous start. Think about the job 5 years from now, what will it look like? What kind of upward mobility does the company have? What kind of salary increment will I get? More importantly match these questions with another one, What will my skills look like in 5 years? After getting your answers, jot them down any job that gives you a positive answer for any of these questions is the job you should apply for.

 Source: Ethiojobs

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