Every year, Ethiopia’s labor market is saturated with an average 200,000 higher education graduates. Even though the job market in Ethiopia is beginning to assimilate these graduates into its work force, we still have a long way to go before supply meets demand.

There are certainly many challenges employers face when hiring fresh graduates and junior level professionals. Some of which are the lack of experience in a professional setting by these candidates, the learning curve and the investment in time and energy required by employers. Though these challenges maybe true, the return on the investment we make on fresh graduates returns to us many folds. Here’s how:

Experience Seeking Employees

What fresh graduates and junior level professionals lack in experience, they make up with a willingness and eagerness to learn. If this is coupled with a great mentorship program, you’ve got yourself a potential star employee that will rise through the ranks through time. Think of the long-term not the short-term, most graduates are eager join the work force and learn so they will absorb whatever you throw at them. This means a faster assimilation to your corporate culture and a work force tailored to your needs.


Tech-Savvy Employees with Fresh Perspective

It is important to note that graduates of this generation are millennials; the trademark of this generation is innovation and creative problem solving. As millennials, they pride themselves in keeping up with the latest technological trends that can boost productivity and reduce costs. Think of what this can mean for your company in this economy. As opposed to being financial burdens, fresh graduates and junior level professionals might surprise you and save you money!


Humble Beginnings, Humble Salary 

Fresh graduate may still be forming their expectation of the workplace, but their expectation when it comes to salary is fairly consistent. Entry level salary scales are significantly low, and, as opposed to candidates applying for higher tier jobs, these scales are gladly accepted by fresh graduates eager to join the work force. This means your company can reap the benefits of hiring fresh graduates with comparatively minor risk.


Hiring fresh graduates doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, it can mean willing to work hard and a blank canvas ready to absorb corporate culture. Employers have an undeniable pivotal role to play in increasing the employment and employability of graduates.


Source : Ethiojobs

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