There are multiple reasons employees aren’t happy, payment, long hours… the list could go on forever. Often times, dissatisfaction results in low productivity and therefore loss. Increasing employee satisfaction might help the later but it isn’t a guarantee. If only there was a process that is measurable, increases employee satisfaction and productivity without one cancelling the other. Well, there is one and has been one for ages. The better answer is employee engagement.

In short, an employee engagement focused strategy is basically a development plan that is inclusive of an organizations growth and that of its employees’.  Countless studies have shown that engaged employees actually make it their mission to actively contribute to their organizations growth. It simply because engage employees notice what they actually bring to the table and realize their potential. Who wouldn’t want to tap into that?

The process is based on trust, integrity, commitment and communication that goes two ways. Everyone involved is treated equally and barriers of communication are completely destroyed. Employee engagement is about being included fully as a member of the team, focused on clear goals, trusted and empowered, receiving regular and constructive feedback, supported in developing new skills, thanked and recognized for achievement.

For employers, the process is about about drawing out a deeper commitment from employees to decrease absenteeism, conflicts and grievances  and creating an environment where productivity increases. Ideally, an organization that employs employee engagement strategies will have actions that are consistent with the organisation’s values.

At the end of the day, someone that is actively trying to do their best to contribute to an organization’s goal is a plus you can’t afford not to have.



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