Fun is one factor that is often overlooked at the workplace; after all, the office is for serious matters and getting your job done and nothing more, right? Wrong! Happier employees who have fun at their workplaces are less likely to experience stress, anxiety and burnout. The health effect of that contentment also transfers to attendance; a workforce that has fun is less likely to be absent for non-genuine reasons. Encouraging fun in the workplace makes the office a nicer, more approachable place where lasting team bonds are built.

Fun can also foster internal communications. Typically employees spend more time in communication with one another, hence creating an environment with a fun and casual element only makes for better and deeper communication, understanding and brand engagement.

So what does fun look like in the Ethiopian work place context? It depends on your team dynamic. For example, here at Ethiojobs where the majority of the staff is young, we do football matches, competitions, birthday parties and other get-togethers. To create a fun work space, you need to look at your staff and be creative about what can bring them all together.

A healthy dose of fun can boost creativity. Social fun is a vital part in a healthy creative development. When colleagues have fun at the workplace, their problem solving skills sharpen. Which brings us to another important point.

Fun can be a great tool that heightens any company’s productivity level from good to great! This is largely because happy employees are great employees. And who doesn’t want a great company?


Source: Ethiojobs

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