Dereja launched the Dereja Academy Program on April 25th 2019 at Sapphire Addis Hotel.  The event targeted employers from different sectors (manufacturing, service industry and tourism) to attend the briefing session for the academy. Attendees were briefed on the programs overall structure, objective, process and long term plan. Employers expressed their appreciation for the program and how it could help their hiring needs. They also committed to participate and meet graduates upon completion of their training period.

The academy is an initiative that aims to support graduating students with their professional development with the objective of reducing the time where fresh graduates look for jobs. Through this program 1,000 students will develop employability skills that will help them better compete in the job market as well as technical skills in five career streams (Project Co-ordination and Development Works Engineering Finance and Accounting, Management and Human Resources, Marketing and Sales). The program will be held for six consecutive weeks in selected universities across Addis Ababa.

To attend this program students will go through a rigorous application process starting from online applications to interview assessment. Only 2019 graduates from universities based in Addis Ababa will be eligible. Applications for the first stage have already began on April 11th 2019.  For its pilot stage, this program will first be implemented in Addis Ababa.

After completion of the first run, the Dereja team will fine tune the Academy and upscale it across regional levels in Ethiopia.  The first batch of trainees will officially graduate from the academy on July 25th 2019. On their graduation, students will attend a recruitment event at the exhibition hall.


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