Usually most companies allow breaks for their employees during the work day. These usually are given during meal times and 1 short coffee break either in the afternoon or at lunch time. It is said that success happens when there is a healthy balance between rest and growth. Contrary to popular belief hard-work isn’t the only thing that drives productivity it is hard work coupled with well balanced healthy rest-periods.

Well-timed rests foster creativity

Innovation is hard thing to come by and once you get it, it is even more challenging to build on it. However, it is helpful to leave that side and say watch a few minutes of funny videos or engage in small conversation in the break room. This restores your energy and might give you a new way to look at the problem.

Less Distractions

The human brain isn’t designed for prolonged focus. Even though it can retain a big number of data, the human brain isn’t capable of staying focused for too long. However, small intervals between tasks can help develop a higher sense of focus and reduced drain on the brain. Small breaks help you stay the course rather than hacking away at difficult tasks.

Preventative Fatigue Solution

Breaks are required especially if you have a long day of work ahead of you. The less breaks you take the more tired you become. This isn’t great as fatigue impairs your decision-making abilities and fosters procrastination.

Well-timed breaks, Well Adjusted employees

Sometimes taking breaks are helpful in improving your learning and retention capabilities. Two crucial skills to be productive at work. Scientists say that waking rest improves memory formation. This is because the brain reviews and ingrains the data it previously learned.


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