Chances are at some point in your career, you’ve had to give a presentation. However, have you considered turning your presentation into an engaging story? If you’re interested, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to turn your reports into an inspiring story when they mostly consist of data and numbers. Well, here are a few tips that will help you turn your presentations into stories.

  • You need a hero

As most stories have a central character, you need to spend some time and figure out “who” is at the center of your presentation. The”who” should be your target audience. If you’re trying to convince a new company to subscribe to your services, instead of just telling them why they should. Portray them as the hero in your story and every hero is on a quest. Once you’ve painted that picture, all you have to do is plug in your services as a medium to achieve their goals and conquer their obstacles.

  • Paint a picture

Sometimes having a point of reference to highlight the needs of a product, service… is strong enough to drive your selling points. Take Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech; here he painted a picture of great future where everyone lived in harmony and respect if they devoted themselves to the Civil Rights movement with him. To do that, he used his contemporary situation and painted a picture of what could be. Just like that, (maybe not on that scale),  use a reference point to contrast what your audience’s journey might look like if they subscribe to your ideas, product, services…

  • Empathize

You should be fully aware that YOU aren’t the hero in this presentation. You’re just a guide, a mentor of sorts. Thus, including a small anecdote about how you overcame a similar struggle is a plus. It creates common ground between you and your audience.  On some level, your audience will personally empathize with you further. The major point of structuring your presentations in this manner is to ensure that your audience connects with you.

Storytelling techniques used effectively can be the difference between having an audience that goes through the motions and one that trusts you completely.  This isn’t just to make presentations a dramatic experience, it is also to effectively convince people to join your band wagon.


Source: Ethiojobs

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