Desta is one of the pioneer female artists who dedicated her life to art. She had her very first solo art show while still a student in The Fine Art school of Addis Ababa in 1969. After her graduation, she went on to study for her Bachelor degree in fine arts from California Lutheran University.

Her career as an artist has earned her respect of number aspiring painters. So far, she has had more than 50 solo and group exhibitions as well as numerous honors and recognition , the most recent

of which was the life time achievement in art tribute bestowed on her in 2014.She paints both in oil and water colors and is known for her use of vivid colors painting beautiful scenes of everyday life.

Her painting style is described as realistic to the semi-abstract and abstract. She is now a full time

artist dedicated to her profession but has also been known to work in the public relations field serving the Ethiopian Tourist Trading enterprise as the head of the department pre. Her patience and perseverance are exemplary to all who know about her resilience working as an artist in difficult times. Desta has not only made her mark on the Ethiopian art scene but has also given validity to the millions of girls who dream of becoming “somebody” in the field one day.


Source : “Biography of Desta Hagos ” AWIB

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