The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)has contributed to lowering poverty and conversely increasing personal income through its adhered monetary policy and financial sector strategy.This was highlighted  meeting held by financial institutions’ brass to discus the Growth and Transformation plan(GTP).

Opening the plat form ,NBE Governor Teklewold Atnafu ,said the that Ethiopians has been recording 10.1 per cent growth on the average in GTP 1plan period all in stable macro-economic framework the bank contributed in share.

He added that the Bank has been providing loans ,making modern financial services accessible and strengthening citizens’ capability to create wealth among other supplemental services . He cited that the capital of commercial banks spiked from 13.8 billion to 29.3 billion Birr between 2010 and 2015; the number of their branches have increased from 680 to 2,868, while the number of clients  with deposit accounts soared from 4.5 to 16.5 million people.

In her Keynote address Aster Mamo ,Minister of Public Service sand Human Resource Development Good Governance Cluster coordinator with the Rank of  Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the positive results gained in making financial services more accessible profitable and competitive.


Source: Ethiopian Herald

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