Dick Bolles, (author of the most popular job-hunting book in the world What color is you parachute) said that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who walk into a room and say “Here I am!” And those who walk into a room and say, “There you are!” He goes on to advice job seekers and employers(and everyone) to be the latter kind.

So what is a “A there you are” kind of person? This sort of person is a person that acknowledges another person before moving on to his/her needs.  Why should it matter for you to be a there you are person? The job search from both sides can be exhausting and sometimes a simple acknowledgement gets lost in the madness.  A there you are job seeker  would stop for a brief moment to not just exchange niceties but also thank the interviewer that took his/her time to interview him and the hiring manager would also thank the interviewee for his/her time and acknowledge the effort.

Acknowledging another person in a conversation, can be the difference between having a conversation and talking to a mirror. This simple step can make the job hunt a lot better for everyone involved. Often, employers and job seekers get so frustrated that it becomes hard to see anything other than the struggle of finding the perfect fit.

Hence for the  year 2019, whether you are an employer or a job seeker try to focus on really seeing the other person. If you are in an interview room or at a networking event,  try and be a there you are person.

We hope you have a new year ( or rest of the year) filled with success, less job world frustrations and one that is full of opportunities for everyone.

Happy Holidays!

Source: Ethiojobs

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