Mastering the Art of Presentations

We’ve all had that important day at work. You know, the one where your boss gives you a big project you gestate for months and months? When it’s time to present your hard work only one thing comes in the way. Whether if it’s the unveiling of a new product or a new research. A presentation can either put your hard work on the spotlight, or make it look like you’ve been doodling over nothing for months on end.

  • It’s a show not a rehearsed speech

Much like a show, in a presentation you have an audience that will judge you based on how well you preform. If you babble about facts and data for hours without concern of your audience. You might risk your good idea being lost in boredom and in the one way conversation that’s happening. Hence, next time you make a presentation think of it like a story you’re telling to your colleagues. This isn’t to say that you should involve an unruly monkey and a priest with a knife but you shouldn’t make a chore out of your entire presentation.

  • No unnecessary data

If it is too detailed, leave it for question time or in the detailed proposal. Now, if it isn’t necessary for your audience to know a particular information like say specific numbers (unless the presentation calls for it), the budget(unless it’s a budget review presentation ) or even the specifics of how you’ll do it. Avoid over explaining at. All. Costs.

  • Easy on the eyes

When designing your actual power point, it is important that you keep thing simple. That means no complicated chart to explain the relationship between things and other things. If you can say it one sentence, it doesn’t need visuals. A black screen with white font is preferred but you can (and should) use your creativity. Just don’t bombard your colleagues and supervisors with sensory overload. Otherwise, people will come out of your presentation feeling strained and won’t know where to focus.

Part 2 of this article will focus on the design of presentations.


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