Related imageDo you sometimes walk out of your office with a feeling that you could’ve done more with your day? Maybe more interviews held, completed more tasks, visited more clients? Sounds familiar? If so here are a few tips to help you out with making the most of out of your work day.

Prioritize the three most important tasks every morning

This will help you focus on what matters. Each morning take time to jot down three important tasks for the day. Be specific and use more than three words when describing the tasks.  For instance instead of “Send Email” you could say “Contact supplier via email for best pen prices”. This prevents you from floating away from tasks that seem related but don’t really push you forward in the day.

Email Checks Schedule

When going through your mail-box it’s easy to spend more than two hours answering emails. For a distraction to occur it only takes one email and before you know it two hours fly just answering emails. A general rule here, is to schedule email checks right before you leave for lunch or at the end of the day.

No is not a sin

Growing up as Ethiopians it is hard to say no, most of us were raised not to refuse orders given to us by our elders. This can be quite hampering for any workplace situation, especially if one says yes to every request. Now, for most people a firm “Sorry, I’m busy right now. I can’t handle this task. But I’ll let you know if I can do so later” but if it’s your boss makes sure to let them ask you to do a new task, let them know that you’d love to handle the new task while handing him/her your current responsibilities. After your supervisor sees the list of tasks wait for their reply.  This draws  a clear line of what you can accomplish within a day’s time.

Do not brush of small tasks for later

Look at your task list and try to finish those that can be done immediately. If you can complete them in under 2 minutes do them. This will boost your confidence and help you focus on other tasks for the rest of the day.

Groove is good

Music is a good way to maintain focus and avoid drain. Try to find your own blend of music that helps you relax and stay on track. Make sure that you listen to your own blend of music to better help you focus on your tasks.

These are just a few tips that could boost your employment experience.


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