Kevin Systrom is the co-founder of the latest social networking buzz ‘Instagram’. Like most of the children, he too was much interested in video games and even developed different levels while playing the game ‘Doom 2’. Eventually, he cultivated an affinity towards programming and even as a student, he progressed as a programmer. He was capable enough to be selected for the ‘Mayfield Fellows Program’ and this enhanced his skills related to technology. He did a bachelor’s degree in management science and engineering, and embarked on a career which was to impact the social networking activities in an enormous way. He worked with the tech-giant ‘Google’ and then shifted to a startup company called ‘Nextstop’. While working at Nextstop he came up with the idea of developing the new big thing in the world of internet. Initially, he and his associate Mike created an application called ‘Burbn’, but that turned out to be too complicated and difficult to operate for the users. Thus the duo became instrumental in ushering the latest social networking sensation called ‘Instagram’. Instagram has emerged as a connotative term and needs no introduction as such. The popularity of the application was so immense that in April 2012, the social networking site ‘Facebook’ acquired the company for $1 billion. Kevin, apparently earned $400 million owing to his shares in ‘Instagram’. Kevin holds the office of the CEO of ‘Instagram’ while Krieger is the technical head of the company. Kevin is bestowed with the handling of the nitty-gritty of the operations, and the strategic development of the process. Although, ‘Facebook’ has acquired ‘Instagram’, Kevin still has a say in its operations and functioning.

Source: ” Biography of Kevin Systrom”

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