Sometimes when you are rummaging through the job search it’s easy to get lost in trying to find cutting edge job search techniques. In doing that you easily lose sight of the basics that are the difference between unemployment and your dream job.


  • Stick with the Job description

When applying for job online, most of the times your resume will be screened either by an automated system or by a low level HR officer that may not understand the nuances of the position you’re applying for. This is why you need to make your application simple and match the requirements of the job. In short when you are looking for a job, your application should mirror the job description.

  • You should stand out

Yes, you should polish your elevator pitch, articulate your statements and be professional. However, don’t lose your unique voice. If you don’t hiring managers might translate this as “just another applicant”.  People don’t get hired because they have the perfect resume,  memorized interview techniques or were safe in describing themselves.  If you stick to just the usual, your entire process might look staged to the potential employer you’re hoping to attract. The idea here is to fit the profile and at the same time be you.

  • LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you don’t exist to top employers. This isn’t as frequent in Ethiopia but it will be. This isn’t just a warning, it’s fact. Think of it this way, LinkedIn is the dating website for jobs. If the love of your life (i.e your job) scours online to find the perfect match they won’t find you (even though you might be the perfect match) they’ll find another one. LinkedIn is key to easing your job search strategy.

  • Please and Thank you

This isn’t  as practiced in Ethiopia as it should be. But yet, it’s the very basics when it comes to getting a job offer. A thoughtful non-staged thank you note sent to your interviewer will make you memorable. Consider crafting, original heart felt thank you notes to the person that took the time to interview you. This will make them underline your application and sort it from the bunch that didn’t. Remember that you should make sense to hire in your interview session because at the end of the day the thank you note is supposed to highlight your skill.

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