The way you look for a job matters, it is important to be mindful of how and where you look for a job.  Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting employed while you are actively looking for employment.

Your CV

Knowing what you want out of a  job, other than the salary helps you write better cvs, prepare for answers in an interview and more importantly it sets you apart from other applicants.  While looking for jobs, do your homework by finding out about the company you want to work for, scour their history for details that match your interest and highlight them in your CV.  This is to avoid being overlooked by the first person that scans your CV.


It is also important to diversify when it comes to your job search. The internet is a great tool but don’t limit yourself to just that. Diversify your search, ask for informational interviews, network. Most great jobs,  don’t get advertised and you might miss out on an opportunity if you just stick to the internet or job boards.

Brand Yourself.

Personal branding is heavily underutilized in Ethiopia. Branding yourself could be the difference between your application being lost in the recruitment black hole and sitting for an interview. Build an online presence that screams you and your professional abilities this helps back you up in the interview room. This starts with something as simple as getting a linkedin account.

Apply Smartly and Carefully

While applying for jobs, make sure to show that you are a smart applicant . The vast majority of job seekers apply for a job without reading past the job title, and with such sloppy and un-targeted applications, they encourage employers to ignore them because they usually aren’t qualified for the jobs they apply for.

These steps do not guarantee a position but they can shorten your time as a job hunter.

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