We all love success. It is human nature. We tend to incline to successful people, situations and aspects that bring us to that place where we can finally say, we made it. However, we are living in challenging times marred with gritty completion, in all areas of life whether it is career, family, or education. But out of all of these, career plays a crucial role in our existence.

How then do we propel our careers upwards? What do we need to do to get to the peak? We will discuss some concepts that will find you success in your career whether you are new at the job or you are a beginner or even looking for a job. Let’s begin with


Time management

Let us switch up the cliché ‘time is money’ to time is value. One aspect that applies to successful people across the board, regardless of their field, is how they manage their time. This will involve abiding by the agreed timelines, meeting deadlines, arriving for meetings and appointments on time. Being a good time manager will help gain you credibility, and professional respect, aspects that are needed to help in your career growth.

Delivering on Promises

A promise made should be a promise kept if your professional credibility is to remain intact. One surest way to propel your career is coming to be known as someone who can strictly be depended on to follow through and deliver on-time. There will be those times you cannot deliver an assignment you promised, because you need more time or even resources for the assignment. In such a situation, communicate the requirements formally and professionally. Manage the situation in a way that will portray you are in control, and you will not sacrifice on quality for delivery.

Be accountable

Accountability is a close relative to integrity, an important trait to bear in today’s workplace. Accountability means that you take responsibility for your actions and provide solutions too. It also means giving credit where it is due and not blaming others when things go wrong. You will find yourself on the way up the career ladder if you can earn confidence and respect of those around you. For instance, if you find yourself on the wrong, admitting to the mistake on time will prevent unnecessary escalation and bring out your professionalism, honesty and maturity, aspects that will definitely propel your career upwards.

 How are your Interpersonal Skills?

The modern job market indicates that emotional intelligence and people skills are crucial ingredients in life and at work. You may be good at what you do but your interpersonal skills will make your upward career move smooth. Your interpersonal skills will come to play on how you deal with people around you, from the suppliers, clients, superiors, colleagues, or subordinates. Are you personable or pleasant to interact with? Let your interpersonal skills help you mobilize people or resources towards achieving your career success.

Cultivate Your Team Skills

Honing your skills to be a good team player will help you work cohesively within a team framework and contribute, collaborate, communicate and challenge each other to meet specific goals within that framework. Cultivating team skills will find you seeing beyond yourself, and finding the good qualities of others in the team. Cultivate your team skills so that you can communicate persuasively and effectively, listen actively and attentively, give and welcome input, offer encouragement and assistance where needed and show respect, patience and courtesy. This will inevitably see you at the top of your career.

Be professional

Avoid activities that show a blatant disrespect for the company’s time, resources and property. Conduct yourself with professionalism. Pitfalls such as chatting endlessly on the job, gossiping, back-biting the boss, spreading office secrets, routinely bringing personal matters to the workplace will only taint your character and hinder your career growth.


Successful people show enthusiasm, stretch their limits, are proactive and test the boundaries in the interest of innovation. For you to achieve success in your career, you have to avoid professional mediocrity, step out of the comfort zone, take responsibility for your professional and personal growth, build momentum in your training and development activities. Remember success is not comfort.

How to Handle Pressure

The truth is every job comes with a certain amount of stress and pressure. Being able to recognize and handle the strain professionally and effectively will find you charting an upward career path.

With these tips, you career wagon has left the station and there is nothing to stop its move to the top.


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