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Sun is shining! The rainy summer vacation is over, the normal life resumed for the university students, while graduates are job-hunting. While we wish all good luck, here is a food for thought for our registered job seekers, or other readers regarding the summer vacations and what to make out of the long break, in addition to the fun times with family and friends.

Summer is by far the most sought after break following long months of schooling, in some cases campus life farther away from family. Besides, it is the Ethiopian rainy season that all some want to do is, sit relax and be prepared yet for another year of hard work. Some years ago, during my teen and early 20s, the most common endeavor during the summer break was either go to visit family members in another city/town/village, help in the house chores, read some books, well that was mostly it. Our life styles are changing so fast, and this fast pace right now is requiring us to invest more time preparing ourselves for the life after school.

Few weeks ago, I had a random conversation with a young girl, Beza Girma, I met in a workshop regarding her summer habits. As a fresh graduate, she was an impressive company to discuss much more than just school life. She had been working all summers since she joined the university as an intern and volunteer to an organization. She says, that gave her the edge and also superior advantage over the other school and classmates of hers on how to interact and operate in a work environment. She carries the air of confidence, with clear vision regarding where she stands, and where she goes and told me, “I have much more exposure and experience than any other graduate and I am confident enough to impress any interviewer/employer. I developed skills that are not thought in school, as they are practical and only get them when you are in a working environment”. She added, “it is may be challenging to secure the summer internships/volunteer works, but once you get them, it is the best experience as all the co-workers are willing to mentor, direct and teach you as you are not a competition”.

It is obvious some sort of break, some personal and fun time is important. Besides fun though, it would be of great advantage to use part of the summer break for work. If you are lucky, you can make some pocket money, learn and have all the exposure Beza told me and more, you might as well enjoy it a bit.

By Ethiojobs