You are the average of the people in your network. As a job seeker, whether a newbie, experienced, and seeking to move up the career ladder, working with a recruiter is the most convenient way to dive into the job market.

For simple reasons, recruiters have a wider connection; they have contacts and links that can work to your advantage. Recruiters are key players in the world of employment, people who know their trade and have honed their skills, and with a simple goal of identifying the best opportunities at the right time.

The issue is; how can you align yourself to be a recipient of what they have to offer? How can you get the most out of the recruiter?

These are a few tips that can help you achieve the most out of your recruiter.



Human interactions trickle down to relationships. Building a relationship with a recruiter marks the first step among many. This will be a window through which you will be able to identifying the best opportunities to pursue.

The market is constantly flooding with recruiters and others that purport to do so; companies with different access to different positions. Therefore, choose a recruiter who has credibility, a history of excellence, a larger database of access, experience, a high level of services, and all the aspects that make them outstanding.

Let us break down it this way, when you register with a recruiter, technically they choose you. From your qualifications, experience and the need of the employers, and they will remember your loyalty and appreciate you for choosing them first over the rest and this relationship will mean that with every new opening, you will be among the first to be notified.

Staying in touch

You will make the work of the recruiter easier if you stay on the radar. For instance your phone should always be on, respond to emails on time and all that. Make an effort of making a follow up in cases where you have done an application. Basically, timely communication will make the recruiter’s work easier without having to literally hunt you down. Stay in touch.

Being transparent with the recruiter

Remember the recruiter is your immediate link to your prospective employer.A certain level of transparency is therefore necessary to make the process easier.

The best recruiters, will lay out the details of their process with you or as much information as they are able to obtain from the employer, and therefore your feedback will be great in achieving a common ground for both of you. Transparency will also help the recruiter customize the job search to suit you.

Be honest with your skill set

The worst habit hailing humanity is posing; creating a picture of what you are not, a creation of what you want the world around you to see. But in this case, honesty with your skills set will save both you and the recruiter some embarrassing moments. Highlight the areas the areas of your strength without exaggeration. This will mean that when you are sent for an interview, the prospective employer knows what to expect and consequently, you will have a more productive interview.

Help with your Resume

One advantage of using a recruiter is that in cases where you are stuck with you resume, you can ask for help. By default a recruiter, over time, knows what most employers look for and therefore, can advise on the best way on modifying your resume. They also have a couple of formats they can give you to customize your resume.

Pay grid

The recruiter will always get information from the employer on the pay grid. That is the maximum and minimum amount being offered for a particular position.

This will work to your advantage in the sense that you will have access to information that will inform you decision in relation to remuneration.

Actually it is always to your advantage and peace of mind if you go to an interview with an awareness of what is being offered for your position.


In summary, like a wise sailor, you should take advantage of the tides and in this case, what the recruiters are offering and sail safely to that dream job.

In Ethiojobs, we value our relationships with our candidates and we are always open to discussion on matters within a job search, things and tips that really matter when hunting for a job and anything that will help the candidates to successful achieve their dreams.


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