Organization is key to have a productive work day. Especially in the context of the Ethiopian workplace where the day can be easily overtaken by meetings, coffee breaks and more meetings about the many meetings. Getting organized at the beginning of the work-week should be your key priority. Here are a few tips to help you get more organized at the workplace and make the most of your work day.


Clear that clutter off your desk!

First things first, clean your desk. This first start by sorting the several items on your desk and computer desktop. In Ethiopia where we are still quite paper-dependent, make the bold move of digitizing important documents. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it keeps that high stack of papers on your desk quite low!  You can also create three physical and virtual piles labeled “Junk”, “To-do” and “Archive” and stick to the labels.

Reduce Meeting times

Meetings are key for coordination, updates and making sure everyone is on the same page. However, some meetings don’t need to be meetings, they can be an informative email. If average meetings in your company run for an hour, but you decide to cut 15 minutes off at the end every time, you end up gaining 25 hours of work time per month and 300 hours every year!

Schedule Regular Breaks

Getting tired can make you lose focus and end up giving you burn out in the long run. Therefore it is better to schedule small breaks in the day; the rule of thumb being 15-10 mins every 2 hours or so. Both your brain and your body need the break from staring at a computer or focusing on work. It is also equally important to make this a routine, as it is not only the difference between a busy day and a productive one but also has health benefits.

Work outside your office space when it makes sense

Sometimes when your office just seems too cluttered and distracting, it does more harm to stay in the office. Especially when doing tasks that require focus, office interruptions tend to extend deadlines and hamper concentration. In these cases, working from home or other places benefit both the employee and the employer.

Let us know if these tips were useful and if you have any tips that help you make the most out of your work day!


Source : Ethiojobs

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