Gebeya is launching a unique and highly competitive IT Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Gebeya IT Academy is NOW accepting applicants for the September intake.

Gebeya’s IT Academy aims to train software development engineers and designers with a target goal of approximately 5,000 graduates in the next five years. It is the organization’s mission to create a Developer Centre of Excellence (DCoE), that focuses on the transfer of knowledge increasing the number of skilled IT professionals.

Gebeya IT Academy offers a continuing education program that is great for current IT professionals who want to gain more experience while at the same time utilizing cutting edge technology and software that they would have difficulty accessing otherwise. It is also a perfect extension program for electrical engineers, recent computer science, mathematics, and information system graduates.

Through the training program, trainees will become world class working IT professionals who can tackle any challenges or requirements given by clients across Africa and the world. The training follows a project based approach; whereby enrollees will be simultaneously working on projects and learning in a classroom setting during the 6-month period of the training. Their final products will be included in their portfolio to demonstrate their competencies. In addition, trainees will gain extra credentials that will allow them to target bigger contracts that are more challenging and ultimately more lucrative.

For its first 6-month training session Gebeya will offer the following 5 tracks: 

•Development Operations (DevOps) engineering

• Mobile application engineering (Android)

• Web application engineering

• User interface and Experience (UI/UX) design and implementation

Gebeya aims to admit and graduate 250 students total for the first training program that will commence mid-September. The applicants will go through a rigorous vetting process after submission of their applications. Successful candidates will be invited for a face to face interview. In addition to this, they will be subjected to aptitude tests. If a candidate is successful, they will receive a training packet to review and await commencement of the course. Gebeya understands the need for proper education with respect to financial status and will offer partial and full scholarships to 25% of the accepted applicants if they qualify. In addition, we are offering a promotion package for the first 50 applicants. If accepted they benefit from reduced tuition of 3,500 birr per month for 6 months instead of the fixed 5,000 birr.Similarly, applicants who pay 6 months full tuition in advance will get the same promotion.

 Upon graduation, trainees will have several options. Every graduate is automatically qualified to be placed on the Gebeya marketplace platform where they will get opportunities to work on world class projects for clients. Those who were sponsored by their companies through the program can go back to their employers equipped with new exceptional skills and confidence. Other graduates will have the option to work for companies who are looking to hire fresh and highly skilled talent. Finally, because of the style of training, a good number of the graduates will choose the entrepreneur path and will go out into the world to start their own companies. These are only the foreseeable options but the possibilities are endless.

Interested candidates are welcome to attend Gebeya seminars and workshops to learn more about the program and how to get involved. The first seminar was held last Saturday August 6th at ICEADDIS. Close to 40 people attended. The conversation was very dynamic and resourceful for both the attendees and Gebeya team. The next Gebeya event will be held Saturday August 13th from 2 PM to 5 PM in the afternoon at the Gebeya headquarters which is located on the 2nd floor of Sinan Commercial building, in Bole (Japan Embassy). We invite anyone who is interested in Gebeya to attend.


Candidates may apply now at Join us and be part of the Pan-African tech revolution.

For any training information please email us at or call Mahlet at 0984789531

For any general inquiries or questions please email


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