The workplace mood varies. It’s a fact that your feelings about your jobs and daily tasks will not remain consistent. There are up times and down times. So what should you do during those times you feel so down that even doing a to-do list feels like a chore? This isn’t an exhaustive list but it will help you find enough motivation to meet your goals.

1) Playbour?

Simply put, this is gamifying your job. It sounds juvenile, but thinking of the most difficult tasks (such as replying to 1,000+ email) as a hard level on a game actually helps you see your current task differently. Think about it this way, instead of “ugh! this again” it’s “challenge accepted”. It is about attitude.

2) Break it down

It’s obvious but it works. Breaking big tasks down to smaller more achievable goals will get you out of most difficult tasks at work. Ticking off those smaller goals won’t seem like much at first but at the end of your work day(or week depending on your tasks) you’ll notice that big mountain wasn’t so hard to climb after all.

3) Know when it’s time to hit pause

It’s important to respect your downtime. Does anyone feel motivated 24/7? If you’re answer is yes, please inbox us. We’d love to hear how you do it. The human mind simply isn’t designed to stay active for the whole day. Yes, that excludes your sleep time. It’s better to take a break than to push yourself to the point where you carry yesterday’s frustrations into tomorrow. So, watch that youtube video, have coffee or simply close your eyes for about 20 minutes, yes even a 20 minute nap does wonders in terms of re-energizing your mind.





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