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Saturday November 21, 2015 marked the 2015 TEDxAddis 2015 event under the theme Building Bridges-Linking Knowledge. The event that took place at the Addis Ababa University Technology Faculty hall attracted hundreds of young and seasoned individuals from all walks of life.

The room full of energetic individuals warmly welcomed the 10 inspirational speakers with equal enthusiasm, from the beginning till the end. It was indeed an afternoon full of magnetic energy – the claps and loud laughter dominated the rather overcrowded room.

The speakers from a variety of backgrounds such as ranging from life changing activism to poetry, to champions of social change, community mobilization to creativity and innovation and environmental activism. With this background, the speakers – Lemn Sissay, Gizachew Ayka, Svante Naess, Arturo Vittori, Katrin Puetz, Frealem Shibabaw, Selamawit Aregaw, William Stewart , Fikirte Addis and  Malte Prien focused on the essence of bridging gaps, through concerted efforts at all levels, from personal to family and community, then at the national levels. The powerful talks also highlighted the need to engage, tell stories to encourage each other and learn from one another – and most importantly – on how to demolish the big walls of exclusion therefore building brides.

Ethiojobs supported the event as a gold partner as part of its social responsibility moves in creating platforms and enhancing skills, knowledge base to the society at large.

Source : Ethiojobs

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