We’ve all gone through the process of hiring someone. And on that end, things can get a little frustrating as well. The main one being, how on earth do you get the best possible candidate for your company? This question is as old as time and can be answered with Employer Branding.  Often times, companies tend to neglect the value of employer branding in terms of recruitment efforts.  However, this simple and yet very effective tool can attract the right talent and you might find yourself spoiled for choice.

Building a strong employer brand might seem like a giant cost in terms of time and money but the returns in terms of hiring and marketing efforts are much higher.  If you speak with a language that your ideal candidate understands, you won’t have to offer expensive benefits and higher salaries. So how can you develop employer branding?

Know your value proposition

As an employer you offer something to people that apply to work for you. Define these key qualities you want to associate with your workplace. This consists of a core statement that is backed by pillars that further define the key component of what you can offer. Once you know this it’d be much easier to phrase all your efforts in terms your ideal candidates can understand.

Customize your content so that your audience hears you

Assuming you are in desperate need of content developer,  all your marketing efforts here should involve things a content developer would connect with. Hence, maybe ask your communication team to produce content and suggest edits. Having that insider voice will make it clear that your company is not just looking for talent but also understands them.

The Job Description

This document might have outlived its usefulness if it doesn’t sell three things to applicants. The job, the salary expectations and the work environment. These three things are crucial but a point that is often overlooked is giving a peek inside the work environment for applicants. Most job descriptions don’t focus  on what they should expect in terms of work space. Don’t ignore overlook it when writing job description. Make sure it projects the image you want candidates to have about your workplace.

 Source: Ethiojobs

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