MEKELLE, Ethiopia (MU)–As part of the efforts to engage with alumni and the graduating students and guide them more in after graduation Mekelle University (MU) teamed up with Info Mind Solutions Plc, the parent organization of, to organize a job fair for soon-to-be-graduated students as well as to establish a career center at the University.

Info Mind Solutions Plc is the leading Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solution provider in Ethiopia with extensive experience in developing and managing human resource consultancy projects and cooperating with universities in local the local context.

The documents, such as the Memorandum of Understanding and Proposal, were prepared and submitted for the final approval to organize a job fair event as well as to open a Career Services Center at Mekelle University. The meeting was held at the Management Building and attended by Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot (President), Prof. Fetien Abay (Vice President for Research and Community Service), Mr. Macit Koc (Director of University Industry Linkage) from the MU, and representative of including Mr. Yusuf Reja, Managing Director of Info Mind Solutions Plc.

On the occasion, Dr. Kindeya, Prof. Fetien Abay, and Mr. Koc all thanked the Ethiojobs representatives for the visit and the collaboration. All parties agreed that establishing a career center at MU will not only provide guidance to students to obtain and succeed jobs but also will grow into hubs for fostering excellence and leadership among graduates/alumni and current students.

Initially, the discussion of organizing a Job Fair/Career Expo Event was prioritized. Both parties, agreed to proceed for the formalities to launch the event in June, the exact date to be announced soon. Later, the components of Career center will be implemented such as Career Clinic, Resources Center, Career Week, Instructor’s seminars, Internship/Voluntary and Job Placement, Field Visits, and Alumni Services.


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