Velocity Apparels Companies Plc, from Dubai, is completing its factory in Tigray to begin production by the end of October 2015.

The company, established in Ethiopia with capital of 25.9million dollars, is building on 101,283sqm of land in Mekelle, near Messebo Cement Factory. Its products include jeans and knit garments, poly-bags and cartons. Machinery imported from Germany and Italy is being installed, according to information from the Ethiopian Textile Development Institute.  At full capacity, the factory will employ 5,000 workers, including 800 foreign workers, said Bantihun Gessese, Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute’s corporate communications director, The foreign employees will come from India and Sri-Lanka. With a limited stay of 36 months they will focus on knowledge transfer, providing on-the-job training for local employees. “It is a big investment and a huge factory,” Bantihun continued, with high export potential. The factory will have a production capacity of 26,300 pieces of jeans, 200kg of knitted garments, 100,000 pieces of poly-bag, and 60,000 cartons annually.

Source: Addis Fortune