Dr. Lia Tadesse ,CEO and Vice Provost at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College was born in 1976 in Addis Ababa to an entomologist father and a mother in education.She attended Etege Menen Secondary School where she was enrolled in a special high achievers class, excelling as one of the top students.  She shares, “I knew I was going to be a medical doctor since I was a little girl.”  She used to tease her dad, who had a Ph.D. in entomology saying, “One day I will become a real doctor.”  After finishing high school, Lia went to Jimma Medical School where she was one of the four female students who were eligible to enroll in medical school. Even then, Lia was very intrigued and wondered why there were only few female students.

For Lia, being a medical doctor is a passion not just a career.  She specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and believed this to be her calling as being with women at their most important and vulnerable time of their life and giving them the best service was gratifying. Lia became the first female chief of residence in her residency years at Black Lion Hospital.

Dr. Lia made significant improvements and contributions, which include:

  • Merging the medical department and the medical school as one to create an independent institution,
  • Starting five new additional programs and it is also adding a high specialization program that has not been available in the country before with a focus mainly on ethical medical practices.
  • Building a new and highly improved emergency services. “This emergency department
  • In one of their projects, the hospital/college trained junior midwives working in different health centers for them to be more skilled and competent to provide service to their community.
  • St. Paul hospital enrolled 38-40% of female students. Furthermore, another 30% of the enrollment is allocated for the four emerging regions: Afar, Somaliland, Gambela, and Benshangul.
  • Dr. Lia says her biggest achievements are all the collaboration she has made with other international hospitals and institutions that provided various support to the hospital.

Source : “Biography of Lia Tadesse” www.awib.org.et

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