Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education recently announced their new plan to improve education and enhance youth Employability. As a part of their strategy, one word stands out: Deliverology. So, what does it mean, and how is it being implemented by the government?

In simple terms, Deliverology is the act of delivering on government promises to the public. This system relies heavily on precise problem identification, research identified problems and exercise oversight through a unit that reports directly to the leaders.  From this definition, this concept applies to all the branches of the Ethiopian government and hints at the fulfillment of many government promises.

However, this new approach (taken from the British government) will first be applied on the current education system to create a buffer by ensuring quality and harmonizing scientific procedural systems. The current minister of education said that by adopting this system, all parties involved in the education sector could better ensure a quality education system, and in the end, create an even more capable labor market.

According to H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, this approach has been applied in the agricultural sector and has yielded positive results.  Deliverology has been applied in other countries and yielded similar results. Uganda has recorded over 33% better teacher attendance, while Australia applied this about three years back and surpassed their job creation goals by 150,000 jobs. These figures sound promising.

Through this system, our current government hopes to alleviate the nation’s pressing needs by creating a better education system that produces quality job-seekers. Deliverology has been in effect since September 2017. This system doesn’t bring new things but reshuffles the current one to yield better results through a focused result-oriented action plan.


Source: Ethiojobs

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