Sometimes, you are completely in-sync with your job, it fulfills you and you don’t mind pulling your weight on weekends and nights for months on end. The word tired doesn’t even apply to you. Other times, your job isn’t the best. You have to drag yourself out of bed, clock in and by the time you’re done with your day you don’t know what you’ve done. Time just passed. The word tired becomes you and it’s the only thing you know. If you just said “I KNOW!!!” to the latter, then you might be experiencing burnout. Burnout simply put is a deep emotional and physical exhaustion that just doesn’t go away. It can come from accumulated stress or frustration. But what can you do to come out of it?

1)  Just Relax

You might be saying…” when in the history of stress and burnout has that ever worked?” Well this is the first instinct you have but also the first instinct you ignore when you are in the middle of a massive burnout. It is hard for a person experiencing burnout to just take a break. A person experiencing these feelings often thinks that he/she can ride the storm out and push on until it goes away but that just merely prolongs it. Take time and relax. That means also getting off social media, computer screens and any kind of digital equipment that reminds you of work.

2) Remind yourself why you’re doing it

Often times, burnout is associated with a lack of control over your job and not having a say and general frustration. If you’ve been feeling frustrated and feel like what you doesn’t matter. Stop and reflect on why you chose this profession in the first place. The answer will either help you come out of it or signal that it is time for a job or career change.

3) Just say no

If you’re experiencing burnout because of the amount of things you have on your to-do-list  then chances are, saying no is one of the hardest words for you. It is good to step-up and accept a challenge but this challenge shouldn’t cause overwhelming stress and burnout. Saying no to certain tasks isn’t disrespectful, it is just acknowledging that you are a human and you can’t do everything.


Burnout is serious and can damage your career and mental health in the long run. It is often, the precursor for depression and other subtle mental illnesses that you can’t notice straight away. If the feeling doesn’t go away, seek professional help. Your mental health is too valuable for it to be taken lightly.


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