Dear Reader

How have you been conducting your job search thus far? Have you been waiting for Sunday to come around so that you can see the vacancies on Reporter? Have you been to Arat Kilo lining up to get a glimpse of the billboard? Or have you been searching on Ethiojobs everyday looking for that one job you hope will change your life.

Well let me just point out something for you, so is everybody else. Your friends, the friend of your friends, people you barely know but meet at Arat Kilo, they are all doing the same thing as you. So ask yourself this. Why do you deserve to get the job of your dreams when your effort is just as the same as everyone else? Why should an employer know that you are a better candidate just because you applied to a vacancy he/she announced?

You as an individual are unique. You are made with your own arrangement of DNA and thus personality. You have no obligation to be just like your brother or your sister before you. You owe it to your uniqueness to have a unique thought process. You owe it to yourself to have a different approach to everything you do.

Why not just go to the company you want to hire you and ask them to let you prove your worth. Why not have your CV out there at every job board, not just nationally but also internationally. Haven’t you ever wondered how people seem to get jobs in Dubai for an amazing amount of pay? Hasn’t that ever intrigued you enough to go out and find a Dubai job board that will consider you CV?

Well if you haven’t been doing all the same type of searches thus far and haven’t found your fit yet, it’s about time to change your strategy. Go talk to people. Go to meet people at seminars workshops, association meetings etc. Be everywhere you think your dream job is found. Don’t make it chase you, do the pursuing yourself. It makes it all that much worth at the end.

Don’t settle for what others have settled fro on the past. Don’t be conventional. Be different. Because what makes a candidates (especially a fresh graduate) attractive to an employer, who has the good of the company at heart, is uniqueness, the contribution that he believes you and only you will be able to make for the company. The difference he will be able to spot on the fact that you were eager enough to come to him/her rather than he to you, because if a company has a vacancy ad out there and you apply through it, that just makes you one of the many. But when you go out there and pursue this company and get it to hire you, you will be the only one of the many.

This is just to remind you that all your efforts to do the same thing everyone else is doing can be invested to do something so intriguing and actually come out with the result you desire the most. Good Luck.

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