Amsale Gualu was born in the city of Bahir Dar in 1977, the oldest of four children in a middle class family.Her parents were her role models as she grew up they encouraged her to have confidence in herself and to keep trying to achieve her dreams. They never gave her the idea that she had any limits because she was a girl.

Amsale’s family moved to Addis Ababa when she was three and got enrolled first in Assai Public school and then in Bole High school. In 1995, she  joined Addis Ababa University in the faculty of science and technology.In her freshmen year she took an entrance exam to join the pilot training school at Ethiopian Airlines but she did not pass. That was not unusual, most people do not succeed on their first trail.However failure actually taught her never to give up and try harder. Then she took the entrance exam again in she final year of undergraduate study in architecture and this time s passed!

She was reluctant to start the piloting courses in 2000, After two year she completed her pilot training education and graduated as a pilot in 2002. For the Next seven-and-a-half year she logged 4,475 flight hours as First Officer (Co-pilot), Then based on evaluations, she was promoted and began training to become captain. She didn’t consider her gender to have been obstacle in anyway. Even though she have experienced some bias and negative comments,they never really bothered her because she have always simply refused to accept and give them any value . She was not the first women to became a pilot in Ethiopia, but she was the first to complete the full training program required to achieve the rank of captain.Her greatest challenge has been raising her children the profession is in general,very demanding and forces her to spend time away from her family.

Source : From TSEHI’s new book , Temsalet : Phenomenal Ethiopian Women



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