ASSOSA (ENA) – The Benshangul-Gumuz state is working hard to create jobs for over 14, 000 youth during the current fiscal year, the State Micro and Small-Scale Enterprise Development Agency said. Speaking at a training organized for implements of small-scale enterprises on October 27, 2012, Agency Manger Seifedin Haron said activities have been undertaken to help the youth engage in various micro and small scale business.

He said preparations are finalized to provide the necessary training for the youth in collaboration with the Micro and Small-Scale Enterprise Development Agency of the Amhara state. According to him, the State has been preparing to introduce a new bill which guides the provision of loan service to micro and small scale enterprise.

The Ethiopian Herald

5 comments on “Benshangul-Gumuz to Create 14, 000 Jobs

  1. I have been working in Tigray region In REST/NGO organization with snier commodity accountant. I have gradated with degree in management from Alfa University.
    I am intersted to work with the state Micro and small-scale Enterprise Development Agency.

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