Tradition has taught us to follow many trends which haven’t allowed us to venture out to better and unconventional methods of presenting ourselves and our qualities to recruiters. We are still stuck on the good old ways of writing up a CV, copying it up ten times and going around distributing it to all companies that require our qualifications and sometimes not really.

We go where there is a vacancy announcement and not where we want to be hired necessarily. But how will employers know you are a great candidate unless you are there, standing in front of them, making a convincing argument and eager to serve them. This is what being a sales person for you means. Don’t settle for what you have, especially if what you have is lower than what you believe yourself to be capable of. Aspire and stretch for more. No one knows better than you where your best performance can be achieved.

Don’t sit around for the vacancy or the position to fall into your lap. Haven’t you ever been convinced to buy something you have no intention of buying but after all it turned out to be the best thing you ever had? You have to be the good and the sales person at the same time. And a company is nothing and nowhere without its sales people out there introducing to everyone else. The point of it all is, if you feel like you are being underutilized or if you are not comfortable where you are don’t be afraid to venture out and to use every opportunity to sell your qualities to the highest bidder.

You never know unless you try it. Don’t hesitate for a moment about making an impression on everyone you meet. Who else will endeavor to sell you, if you are not making the least bit of an effort? Don’t wait for Sunday to roll around to see what offers are out there. Subscribe yourself to different company websites. Become part of professional associations, groups, conferences, seminars etc. Participate actively and try to make yourself invincible.

There is nothing better than knowing and being known by influential people to further your career goals. You have to be able to market your expertise in such opportunities, so that people will always be able to remember you whenever they seek or hear of people who are seeking people with your professional qualifications.

Widen your network. Meet people. Know about people and organizations. The best candidates are the ones that are knowledgeable about their surroundings. Be alert and resourceful about everything that is going on in your industry. Know all the channels and develop access to them.

Map out a sales strategy for you like every other company does for its products. Use every sales strategy out there to market your competencies in such a way that makes you a most valued asset for the employer.

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