A great interview is the key to landing a job. How you present your self during an interview is a sample to how you will perform on the job.

The interview is also a way for prospective employers or recruiters to study your character, good manners, speech, liveliness, work ethic, professionalism and more.  Employers are also equally looking for passionate, energetic, committed people that have a drive to achieve and grow. You can demonstrate your ability with a first-class interview, by being prepared, showing your interest, and topping the interview beginning with most important basics.


Make sure to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to give yourself time of comfort in the event of unexpected delays such as traffic jams, parking difficulties or missed turns. If you arrive early, ask not to be announced until a few minutes before your scheduled interview time.

• Manner
Maintain a professional presentation. Be sociable and respectful to all you meet, from the receptionist to the interviewer and everyone in between. You may not know who they are, and they could be important in the decision to hire you.

• Sitting Arrangement
Only sit when the interviewer offers you a chair or is seated. Take a seat directly opposite the interviewer. Do not place handbags, notebooks or briefcases on the desk or table between you and the interviewer.

• Eye contact
Direct eye contact demonstrates confidence and seriousness, and shows you are interested in what the interviewer has to say. Avoid nervous habits such as pen-clicking, foot-swinging, nail-biting and so on.

• Questions
Make note of any questions that occur to you during the interview, as well as other questions you have come up with during your research about the company, and ask them before you close. This is a final opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and enthusiasm for the job—and to show how organized you are.

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