So you have finally scored an interview at that coveted organization and you’ve read all necessary materials, prepped for the interview, made sure you started early to stay ahead of traffic but the Prime Minister of Italy is making an appearance and roads are clogged. Yes even when life throws curbs like these for reasons that are beyond you, some employers might not be understanding.  But don’t worry, there things you can do to salvage it and recover from arriving late at an interview.


  • Let Them Know ahead of time!

As soon as you know that you are going to be late, call your interviewer and inform by phone that you are arriving late. Yes, it might be a hard call to make but it is the right thing to do. Interviewers mostly schedule multiple interviews in a day and your late arrival might disturb the order. As such, make sure to give them this courtesy. Some interviewers might ask you to reschedule other will fit you in their schedule. Be understanding and apologize.

  • Apologize

There is a fine line between apologize and over apologizing, you should not cross it. Once you sit down for your interview, make sure to give a sincere apology, tell them that you’re sorry you are late and for any inconveniences you might have caused. Hiring managers might use this opportunity how you would handle unpredictable situations, like for instance a late delivery for a client so don’t dwell on your late arrival. Dwelling on it will only make the interviewer think more about your tardiness.

  • Don’t lose focus!

Yes, the worst has happened, you’re late. As long as you deal with the situation in a responsible and polite manner, all is not lost. You may still be able to win back favor by delivering a stellar performance in your interview. Don’t let your lateness knock you off your game. When you have arrived, take a deep breath and continue with your interview to the best of your abilities. Stay focused on the end goal – your dream job! At the end of the day that’s what you’re here for


Hiring managers are understanding, they are human after all, but it is best to avoid being late for an interview.  Prepare ahead of time and practice your route to arrive at least ten minutes early. Should the worst happen try your best and stay focused on getting that job you work hard for.

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