The Ministerial Session of the 12th Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum was opened on Monday at the African Union (AU) Conference Center in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

At the opening session, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn expressed hope that potential will be fully tapped in cooperation between sub-Saharan Africa and the United States.

“Indeed, the opportunity offered through AGOA was and remains immense but due to severe supply side constraints its potential benefits were far from realized in a manner and to the extent it was possible,” he said.

In his video message to the 2013 AGOA forum, U. S. President Barak Omaba noted that AGOA has increased economic cooperation and trade between the U. S. and Africa, claiming that AGOA has also helped businesses succeed and made easier for Africa’s products to reach the U. S..

“Africa’s rise in our global economy, more growth and opportunity in Africa means more growth and opportunity for everyone,” said Obama.

“As we work to a new AGOA in 2015, and continue integrating Africa into global economy, we also want to make sure the benefits of Africa’s growth reach all parts of the society,” he said.

AGOA is the US flagship economic initiative with sub-Saharan Africa, providing duty-free entry to the USfor nearly 7,000 product lines.

Enacted in 2000 and to expire in 2015, AGOA allows about 39 eligible African countries to export most products duty-free to the U. S..

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14 comments on “AGOA Forum in Ethiopia as US Seeks Closer Ties with Africa

  1. I would like to present my warm Greetings to all AGOA and I am one the Ethiopian young visionary who inspires to work and invest my potential so as to grow and bring radical change for our next new generation thus I now looking your co-operation to be strengething

    1. Greetings Lin! I just sent an email to Clive, and now I see your note!!!! A double win!!! And yes, Ethiopia was ostntandiug! We had some amazing wildlife experiences there too, but as I mentioned to Clive, our time at Save is one of our best memories of all our African travel! Also, it appears Zim may now be back on our trip leading menu as things have certainly settled down there. It would be great to make a return trip to see you (and the wild dogs) again some day soon! Dee & I are in Africa often, so we will keep in touch and make a point of doing that! And yes, the Ethiopian wolf sightings we had were fantastic: we saw 5 in 3 days, and witnessed mating, hunting, nuzzling, digging out of the mole rats, and so much more. And gelada baboons (sat right in troops of them), the ibex (witnessed head butting of big males), mountain nyala (possible 100 of them), and so many new birds. What a wonderful place.Keep well, and pls know your lovely painting is something we enjoy every day here in our home!!!!! All our best, Brian (and Dee passes on a huge warm greeting too!)

  2. Dear sir/madam,
    I would like to work cooperatively with AGOA because I want to make a difference in our continent Africa.

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  4. I want to be the first person on the way of change of africa,if i get chance,specially in the sector of agricultur.
    Thank u!

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