BAHIR DAR- the Amhara State Small Scale and Micro Enterprises Development Agency stated that it has plans to create over 300,000 new job opportunities in 2005 E.C.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Herald, the public relations head Zelalem Nigussie said that the agency will work aggressively to expand and upgrade the small scale enterprise ranging from temporary to permanent job opportunities in this fiscal year. He said 80% of, the would be, created jobs are on permanent basis. The small scale and micro enterprises are engaged in five work units such as food and related sectors, construction, wood and metal works, urban agriculture and service sector.

Due to the increment of public awareness, the new small scale enterprise strategy, among others, created permanent and temporary job opportunities for about 358,837 people in 2004 E.C. of which 30.8 per cent was for females. He said that the agency is intensively working to reach 40 per cent in the future.

Ato Zelalem further said that North Shewa zone showed better job opportunity creation performance. Currently, to enhance and facilitate the enterprise activity and the small scale and micro enterprise activity in the state, the agency is constructing 36 buildings at cost about 200 million birr in 11 various towns in the state.

Currently, as various duty components are being contributed into different offices or departments, small scale and micro enterprises challenges are solved. New job opportunities will be created from privet investments, huge government projects, among others, in the state.

However, lack of awareness about the enterprise among the society and emphasis on the project by some officials more than others are few of the challenges facing the small scale and micro enterprises development in the state.

Ethiopian Herald

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